Different areas of the hospital are meant for different kinds of illnesses and injuries. The ICU or Intensive Care Unit is created for the sickest of the sick people. In the intensive care unit, doctors and nurses attend to your needs around the clock. There are actually nurses that are in charge of just your room, and they will sit at desks just outside in order to monitor your condition. The intensive care unit is the most expensive area to be in the hospital, because it is where you receive the most care. Here are a few things to know about the ICU.

Care Immediately Following Surgery

If you have to have a complicated operation like open-heart or brain surgery, they will send you to the ICU for your immediate recovery care. The reason that they do this is that some surgeries open people up to more immediate complications, and if they aren’t caught right away it could risk your life. Anytime your life is seriously hanging by a thread, you will end up in intensive care. Patients that have been involved in serious car accidents, or patients that have terminal illnesses like cancer will become pretty familiar with the ICU.

Complicated Illnesses

Another thing that will land you in the ICU is having multiple conditions. For example, if you are a cancer patient who also happens to be a diabetic, you might need to be in the ICU. Doctors and nurses that are stationed in the ICU are the best of the best, and they will be able to carefully monitor the different facets of even the most complicated case.

Visitation Rules

Because the lives of the people who are in the ICU are so delicate, there are strict rules about visitation. If you find yourself there, don’t think that you are going to be able to have a big family dinner around your bedside. The Intensive Care Unit will usually restrict the visitation hours and capacity. This helps to limit the amount of exterior pathogens like viruses and bacteria that can enter the space.